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our history

About ROX Group

ROX Group has served Pinal County, AZ (the entire area between Phoenix and Tucson) with integrated media, real estate and related services since 2008, expanding ROX Media into Greater Prescott in 2013. In 2020 and continuing into 2021, ROX Services entered the construction rental business through the acquisition of Rent A Can.

  • We are entrepreneurs and experienced business development professionals looking for new investment opportunities
  • Venture capital funding available
  • Partnership and business turnaround consulting
  • Strong business development experience coupled with proven integrated business processes
  • Front-end strategy coupled with back-end management including human resources, accounting, marketing and system integration
  • Looking for acquisitions in diverse industries including but not limited to media, construction services rentals, real estate or other industries

Rock Earle

Chairman, ROX Group

Elaine Earle

Chief Executive Officer, ROX Group

Bea Lueck

Vice President, Operations

Laurie Fisher

Associate Publisher, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Julie Turetzky

Managing Editor, Director of Marketing Services