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CASA GRANDE, Ariz. – ROX Media (RM) was awarded the Golden Prospector Award of Merit twice at the Arizona Association for Economic Development (AAED) virtual 2020 Fall Forum this week. Once for its City of Casa Grande Economic Development Marketing Brochure and a second time for its City of Eloy Economic Development Marketing Brochure.

This year’s awards bring RM’s total to six over the past four years in conjunction with client Economic Development brochures and multimedia promotions. The City of Eloy Economic Development Marketing Brochures are now a two-time winner, having won the Golden Prospector award in 2019 for its brochure designed and printed by RM.

The City of Casa Grande and City of Eloy Economic Development Marketing Brochures serve as an introduction to their respective cities, acting as a “leave behind” for the City’s economic development teams.

“Much more goes into a publication than putting words and ink on a page,” said Bea Lueck, General Manager at RM. “Paper, finish, binding, photography as well as writing, editing and graphic design each play a major role. We research fonts, colors and brand image to create publication style guides to ensure each publication uniquely complements our client’s goals.”

“We are proud to represent so many award-winning cities, towns and counties in Arizona and enjoy creating custom, unique and award-winning publications that accomplish the place’s goals,” said Elaine Earle, Owner, RM. “The ROX Media team continues to excel in implementing a compelling and inspiring strategic marketing campaign for each unique place and we are proud to serve the communities in this way.”

“The Golden Prospector Awards were established by AAED to encourage and recognize excellence in economic development,” said Carrie Kelly, AAED’s executive director. “The creativity and innovation demonstrated by this year’s winners is a testament to the strength of economic development in the State of Arizona.”

About AAED

AAED, founded in 1974, has a mission to serve as Arizona’s unified voice for responsible economic development through professional education, public policy, and collaboration. For more information on AAED, visit or call (602) 240-2233.

About RM

ROX Media is a multimedia organization that creates and provides media solutions, content creation, design services and project management expertise to our marketing partners and the organizations and industries we serve. Learn more at